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Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                    hanging chair Amalfi coast Villa la
                    Madonnina hanging chair
There are many ways to enjoy the stay in the villa and at the coast. Some will prefer to stay in the villa as their hideaway, enjoy the fabulous views and relax. Some will also want to explore the coast or the mountains and the nearby world famous attractions like Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Capri, Pompeii, Paestum, the Vesuvio... Very beautiful hikes are waiting for you, which start at the villa. See more detailed information in the "our experience" section of this web site. Below find some suggestions what you could do and related information.

- You can enjoy the view, swim in the sea or pool, take a sun bath, read, relax in the hanging chairs, have a drink. From the platform at the sea you can snorkel along the rocky coast. Quite nice because of under water rocks and differend fish. We counted more then 20 species.
- Listen to music. In the villa you find a selection of CD´s, mainly Italian/Napolitanen music.
- Games: In the villa you find chess and other games,decks of cards and a dart board.
- Fitness: Some of you may want to do something for their fitness. Either you continue your regular exercise or you have a new start. You find two Sissel Pilate circles and Thera bands Books about Pilates and the Egoscue method are also there. I found the simple Egoscue exercises very helpful to overcome back pain.
- Cook your own meals in the fully equipped kitchen. All items can be delivered. You can also hire a cook.

JOGGING: Jogging enthusiasts can do very panoramic runs along the Amalfitana. If you want to run off the road, you must be ready to jog uphill. Either first going to the east till the Furore gorge and take the path uphill after the bridge. Very beautiful but also quite steep! Or you go to the left and leave the road before the bridge in Marina di Praia and take the path uphill - again quite steep. In Marina di Praia you also jog down the valley, then along the sea towards the restaurant Il Pirata and then before reaching it up the hill till you reach the road and then back to the villa.

Amalfi coast boating Amalfi coast boating
COASTAL EXPERIENCE: (see here a photo gallery from a boat trip from the villa to Capri)
It is a wonderful experience is to see the Amalfi coast from the sea side. You have multiple alternatives to explore this:

Amalfi coast boating Amalfi coast boating
- Rent a boat/yacht with and without a crew: Explore yourself or with a captain the beauties of the Amalfi coast and Capri. We always rent a boat ourselves and drive along the coast, stop where we want, go swimming, have lunch in one of the excellent sea food restaurants along the coast or on Capri. All of them have a valet "parking" service. You just go closer, wave and make yourself understood that you want to eat, and then a boat comes and brings you to the restaurant. Often boats with the name of the restaurants are already waiting. Some restaurants display the phone number so you can just call them.See a selection of these restaurants in the restaurant section. With a 40 hp boat (the most powerful you can rent without license, see one in the photo above) it takes about 1, 5 - 2, 0 hours to go to Capri. For boat rental call La Sibilla Tel. 089 874365, mobile phone: 334 3078344, in Marina di Praia, web site:, or in Amalfi Amalifsails Tel. 3356451 400, web site: Both will come with the boat to the platform of Villa la Madonnina and pick you up there. If you drive yourself you go back to Marina di Praia/Amalfi and you drop the driver there.

Amalfi coast boating Amalfi coast boating
- A great experience is to go out for a boat trip with a captain either on a special trip only for you and your party or on a scheduled excursion. You to discover the beauty and delights of the Amalfi and Sorrento coast. For many of our guests this was one of the highlights in their vacation. The boat can come to the platform below the villa and pick you up there (if the waves are not too high). Two alternatives: With Francesco: : Tel. +39339808 1409. With Barbara: see her web site: or Tel. +39 333683 9004.

- Join a scheduled excursion: Check at Marina di Praia, if they have an offer or with more choices in Amalfi and Positano.

- Take a scheduled baot trip from Amalfi or Positano along the coast, to Capri, Sorrento or Naples. Same view but no explanation. From Sorrento you can also go directly to Capri and Ischia. To start from Sorrento to go to Capri will also be your choice if you want to have more flexibility for your schedule. Also in winter boats take off regularly to Capri. For more information call the tourist office in Praiano. Tel. 089/874557. See the departure/arrival time here: Boat schedule.

Amalfi coast water ski Amalfi coast water ski
Diving: In nearby Marina di Praia is the Boa Diving centre where you can rent equipment and join dives. Tel: 089/813034, Mobile: 0335/345739.
Water skiing: La Sibilla in Marina di Praia Tel 089 874365, mobile phone: 334 3078344
Pedal boat: combine exploring the panoramic vicinity of the coast with some physical activity by renting a pedal boat in nearby Marina di Praia.
Other water sport: Windsurfing, Jet Ski, sailing boat: In Amalfi you can rent the equipment. For more information call the tourist office of Amalfi.
Tel: 089 871 107.

Amalfi coast Ravello music
                    festival Amalfi coast Ravello music
- Wine tour: Join Biagio Santoro for a wine/food tasting tour. He will pick you up from the villa and you will return home with more knowledge of excellent local wines and local food. Biagio is als very entertaining and knows everybody along the coast. See more information in his web site: Tel.: +39 339 5895021.
- Rent a bike or scooter: For those who fell comfortable with driving a scooter, it is real fun and the fastest means of transportation along the coast. You have a better view and parking is far easier. For the slower scooters you dont need a special driving license. Biking is a big sport in Italy and the Amalfitana is a great place to exercise. You can rent bikes/scooters in Praiano, Praia Costa in Praiano, Tel. 089 813071.

- Classical music at Ravello and other sites: It is a great experience to listen to classical music in a wonderful setting in Ravello or other beautiful places. For the program for the whole year see the information in the villa or visit: Ravello chamber music. Reservation through Financial Tours, Amalfi: 089 87 1046, or Praiano Tourist office: 089 874557 or you book on line by going on the web site

- Fitness center "Palestra G. Scirea": A quite big center is not far from the villa. One day/weekly memberships as well as personal trainers and courses (e.g. Yoga) are available.  You can be pick d up at the villa and brought back after the workout. No web site. If you have facebook you find a description looking for palestra praiano.
For arrangements call Luca: 3394401001 or send an email to Luca:

- Eco museo Marina di Furore: To walk in about 15 minutes to the impressing valley of Marina di Furore (Fiordo) is both worthwhile for the breathtaking scenery of the coast and the valley itself. You just go to the right when leaving the main gate and follow the road till the bridge which spans the valley. The museum is at the bottom of the valley. It covers three main topics: the unique plants which survived here from the times before the ice age, the films which were produced in this romantic place and the industrial history with paper production and mills. The original buildings/machines were nicely restored. Guided tours are sometimes available in Italian and English: for reservation call 328 88 15 393.

- DISCOTHEQUE: Closest disco is the once famous Night club Africana which you find after the tower you see from the villa. Ask Luigi for more other discos.
- GOLF: There is no golf course in reasonable distance. But - as you know - a break and working on the mental side of golf can be more beneficial than practicing too hard.
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Amalfi coast villa la Madonnina view to sea
Villa Madonnina -
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