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OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS at the Amalfi coast and Capri

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Combine dinner  with a romantic boat trip: (very recommended)
  Restaurants in walking distance from Villa la Madonnina in Marina di Praia and Marina di Furore
  Restaurants for lunch eached by boat

- Our favorite restaurants in:

Why do we like a restaurant? and about tips/coperto and credit cards acceptance.

We like a restaurant not only for its good food - prepared with fresh ingredients - it's the combination of the quality of dishes but as much the friendliness of the waiter and very importantly - a beautiful setting. So don't expect 3 star sophisticated meals when you follow the recommendation of one of our favorite restaurants. There are also high profile restaurants at the Amalfi coast, you find them in a guide. 

Amalfi coast view from the
                    restaurant La PirataAmalfi coast view from the
                    restaurant La Pirata
We personally like Italian and especially local dishes like fish, good pasta, fresh vegetables and wonderful tasty Mozzarella, which is produced locally. Fresh Mozzarella -this means delivered that morning - has a taste which is not comparable to what ever you get in best shops outside the area around Napels. Its marvelous! We prefer the mozzarella fior di latte - not the more famous mozzarella di buffalo. The mozzarella "fior di latte" is produced in nearby Agerola, up in the Lattari mountains - the mountains of milk.

Beside our favorites there are many other restaurants along the Amalfi coast and among them there are definitely other gems we did not find so far. The overall quality of restaurants in this area is good, therefore you don't run a risk if you try other ones not mentioned here. It is therefore worthwhile to go out on your own discovery tour! I appreciate your feedback.

Credit cards: Attention, many of our favorite restaurants don't accept credit cards! They want to get real money!
English is commonly understood.
Tips: Usually service is included in the bill, therefore a tip is depending on your satisfaction with the service.
Coperto: In some restaurants you find on your bill a position coperto, which is charged for each person. This is for bread and cover.
Restaurant Le SirenuseRestaurant Le Sirenuse
Le Sirene. It is close to Positano – the boat ride there takes about 20 minutes. In the evening the deckchairs at the gravel beach are replaced with a few tables very close to the ocean. Make sure you get a table at the beach. You will feel a bid like in the South Sea. Food is excellent but you have limited choice and if you want anything else than fish as a main course you must call them latest at lunch time, then you will buy it for you. They charge for the boat trip but only a very reasonable amount. Tel. 089 875 490.
Marina di Praia Restaurant La Conchilia >Marina di Praia Restaurant La
The restaurant Alfonso a Mare is situated directly in the bay, has also a nice view and it is the only restaurant in Marina di Praia which serves - beside local specialties - pizza. Tel. 089 874091. They have also a nice web site where you can read the history of the house and see typical dishes they offer. It is open throughout the year.

The Trattoria La Conchilia has two advantages: its open all the year and when you can sit outside you have a the view from the three tables on the veranda. See the picture which was taken in January. (its not us, it was a nice Swedish couple, who had already taken "our" table. My wife Julia likes especially the spaghetti alle vongole there. You find it on the left side of the valley at the end of the parking area. Tel. 089 874313.

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Amalfi coast Praiano, view from
                    restaurant La BraceAmalfi coast Praiano, view from
                    restaurant La Brace

La Brace: A restaurant with a fabulous view down the coast. Try to get a window table. The view from there is stupendous. On clear days you see the whole coastline till Positano and in more distance the Isle of Capri with the Faraglione islands. We have spent some evenings there where the incredible sunset took away all our attention from the food. We enjoyed being there in all seasons. In winter when its dark in the evening you see the lights from Positano. The owner is Giovanni who runs this place. Fish is good, it is bought directly from the fisherman in nearby Marina di Praia. Try "antipasti misti" which gives you a bit from everything. Pizza is also very good here! And those who like chicken get it here too. Service has its ups and downs.
Address: Main street in Praiano or more precise in Vettico Maiore which is the part of the town which starts after the 3rd tunnel. Its on the right side, the parking lot is on the left. Its open all the year, every day, with the exception of a few weeks in January and February. Tel. 089 874226

Locanda Costa Diva: Situated on a terrace in a lemon garden overlooking the ocean. The kitchen is based on a traditional Napolitanian cuisine and local ingredients with vegetables from its own garden and fish from nearby Marina di Praian. Operated by a three generation family. Address: After passing two tunnels another 1 km (0,7 miles). It is located on the left side of the road. Watch for the sign. Parking available.Tel. 089 813076. Open all year, beside Jan/Feb. You can also arrange with them to pick you up from the villa.

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Amalfi coast ristorante Santa
                    Croce Nocelle Amalfi coast ristorante Santa
                    Croce Nocelle


La Tagliata in Montepertuso high above Positano: Excellent food (mainly meat) and a wonderful view down to Positano.
If you feel that you have eaten enough fish or prefer anyway meat than this place is an excellent choice, but they also serve fish from the grill. Simplicity, good quality of the food and friendly service are the successful ingredients for this very popular restaurant. The menu is quite short: different meat - including a "big boy" giant bistecca Fiorentina very well comparable to the best American steak - or sausages or both of them mixed as a main dish. You can watch the meet/fish grilled on a big grill in the room. You should also try the appetizer (antipasti della casa). If you are not that hungry better share the plate between two persons because you get a rich plate with ham, salami, mozzarella and mixed pickles.
Its famous and very popular, therefore reservation is recommended during the season. Try to get a seat in the garden if its good weather or close to the window when its colder. You have a fantastic view down to Positano. Driving the very narrow road to Montepertuso and even more going back by night "encouraged" by some win
e can be quite a challenge. Therefore it might be a good idea to take a taxi. If you prefer to drive yourself go first to Positano, pass it and take the road to Montepertuso, then pass the "center" of Montepertus and when you almost think you have missed it, the restaurant is on the right side. Open all year. In the lower season closed on Thursday. Tel. 089 875872. Credit cards accepted. 

Trattoria San Corce: in Nocelle
, a small hamlet high above Positano - after Montepertuso - at the end of the road. Then you have to walk 10 minutes. Excellent view down the coast. See tho photo above.
Good local food but no big choice. Try the mixed antipasti, with mozarella, salami...excellent. Ideal to combine it with the walk Sentiero degli Dei.

In Positano
town there are some smaller restaurants up the hill, which we did not try yet but seem to be very good.
I you  prefer however to eat in the "center of gravity" in one of the restaurants down at the beach you pay a high price for the location and the ability to watch the crowds. The quality of food does not match the price level. One of the better restaurants is
Le tre sorelle: Located directly at the beach of Positano. It were three sisters (sorelle) who started this restaurant long time ago  in the good old days and gave the name to the restaurant. Closed on Wednesday, accept credit cards. Tel. 089 811922.

If you mood is not to watch people passing by but to stretch your legs and have your meal in a more quiet place then walk from the beach towards West (right), follow the path and then after not too long you see the restaurant/pizzeria
Lo Guarracino
above the path. The position of the restaurant above the sea is excellent, the food is ok but does not match the view. Tel. 089 875794. 

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Amalfi coast villa la Madonnina
                view to sea
Villa Madonnina -
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